Herzlich Willkommen bei der ISNA-MSE Deutschland und Luxemburg!



Wir freuen uns über die Kooperation mit unseren Snoezelen-Freunden in Luxemburg!

Zusammen mit Ad Verheul , dem Begründer des Snoezelens, bieten wir als deutsche und
luxemburgische Vertretung der ISNA-MSE (International Snoezelen Assoziation) die
Ausbildung zur „Internationalen Fachkraft Snoezelen“ und „Internationale Fachkraft
Snoezelen in der Pflege“ an.


Unser Ziel ist es, das professionelle Snoezelen weiter zu verbreiten und die Teilnehmer zu
qualifizieren, für ihre Klienten qualitative Snoezeleneinheiten zu planen, durchzuführen und
zu reflektieren.

In Zusammenarbeit mit der ISNA-MSE suchen wir den internationalen Austausch zu
anderen „Snoezelern“. Durch die internationale Zusammenarbeit der ISNA-MSE besteht die
Möglichkeit, Teile der Ausbildung auch im Ausland zu absolvieren.

Wir bieten Ihnen ebenso Tagesseminare, Inhousefortbildungen sowie Beratung bei z.B.
Raumplanung an. Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Fragen, Anregungen und Anfragen!



Ad Verheul Standort de Hartenberg www.worldwidesnoezelen.nl

Nicole Ling Standort Andernach www.snoezelen-zeit.de

Svenja Fuhrmann Standort Grünwald www.dein-raum.eu









Jan Hulsegge, co-founder of Snoezelen, passed away on Sunday March 12th 2023 in the presence of his wife and children at the age of 87.


Jan started at the Hartenberg, a centre for people with intellectual disabilities, in 1974 and I had been working there six months earlier. We immediately had a special click and our ideas with regard to Snoezelen found a good breeding ground, especially with the parents of the clients and later also with the employees.


Jan Hulsegge was head of the Occupational Therapy department, a department that was supposed to guide the care workers in training in the development of activities with clients. Our team meetings were always very special, Jan gave everyone plenty of room to vent ideas and that was an incentive for many young colleagues.


Jan was the one who put together everything in the field of electronics and I developed more of the other specific materials together with colleagues. We could always stimulate each other in endless conversations and ideas and that eventually led to global developments.


In those early days, our offices were more of a creative workshop where everything was put together because there were no companies that produced such materials.


Jan also made a strong contribution to the training of employees in the care of people with intellectual disabilities (at the time called Zwakzinnigenzorg!) He was represented in many steering committees and forms of consultation in the field of training.


Jan has previously stopped his work at De Hartenberg and has been actively involved in everything that has to do with Snoezelen for many years. For almost 18 years, together with his wife Mini and friends, he helped build Snoezel spaces in institutes in Poland. Jan was always busy picking up new things. At a certain point it became increasingly difficult for Jan to oversee certain developments in the field of Snoezelen when I told him about this after a trip abroad. Mini, his wife supported him tremendously in that to make it clear to Jan.


These are some retrospectives of a special and sweet man who has always inspired me.


Jan also leaves a big gap for me and will be a great loss for many people all over the world who are busy with Snoezelen and on the other hand also many beautiful memories of meetings during the many international conferences.


On behalf of the board of the International Snoezelen-Multisensory-Association a warm condolences and a lot of appreciation for everything Jan has meant to this international organization.


Ede, March 15th 2023


Ad Verheul





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